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Ruether Brothers Garage was started by John and Don Ruether in June of 1973. Both brothers had been working on road construction and they were tired of living on the road and being away from home during the summers.

So they went into business for themselves and working in a shop building attached to Curtiss Trucking's building they took care of Arlin Curtiss Trucking's trucks and trailers as well as local farmers and other truck fleets in the immediate area. In 1988 John bought out his brother and ran the shop on his own for a number of years. In 1994 Jim Ruether bought out his dad's interest in the business and continues to run the shop to this day. Keeping the name "Ruether Bros" was an easy choice as it honors the two hardest working guys I know and that's my dad John and uncle Don.

We work on anything and everything! Years ago my dad said anything except motorcycles and airplanes. Well we had a 150G Cessna in the shop back in 1988 so we had to quit saying that.

Our main business is medium and heavy truck and trailer repairs. Oil Changes, grease jobs, brakes, exhaust, steering, suspension, lighting, engine diagnostics, etc.

Jim, Robert, John, Janet, Mike will be here to help you just give us a call.